Panama Travel Consultants was founded and is solely owned by Scott Ludlum due to his genuine love and appreciation for the spectacular natural beauty, rich and vibrant culture and the extraordinary travel experiences found in Panama to his valued clients.

Scott fell in love with Panama during his very first trip to Panama more than twenty-two years ago when he traveled by bus from San Jose, Costa Rica to Panama City. Like so many travelers and clients of Panama Travel Consultants, Scott knew very little about Panama other than the world-famous Canal so he initially traveled to Panama to experience the Panama Canal. But ultimately he found so much more and Panama turned out to be a second home for him.  Scott truly loves his job as it affords him regular opportunities to travel to Panama conducting site visits to see first-hand all of the spectacular sites and scenery that Panama has to offer. He also stays regularly at many of the outstanding hotels and resorts used in the custom itineraries for his clients.  Scott can talk to you about nearly every tour included in the private vacation packages from personal experience as he is also an avid adventurer. Scott is always heard telling his clients that Panama Travel Consultants only use tour operators, hotels and services that he would and does use himself when traveling to Panama on business and with family and friends for pleasure. And the guides and tour operators Scott uses exclusively are because they treat our clients like family.

Because he has traveled from one end of the isthmus of Panama to the other, Scott also knows the best travel destinations throughout the entire country as there is literally no place in Panama he has not personally visited and/or sent clients to.