In the towns of the Azuero Peninsula time seems to move more slowly. The people move through the shady tree-lined streets without hurrying, or sit within the central plaza talking for hours. The locals will typically leave their doors open to the street and sit outside their houses in large rocking chairs, chatting with neighbors […]

With an influx of foreign investment fueling a seemingly endless real estate boom, Panama City is being discovered by those seeking old-world culture combined with a bustling capital city nearly as sleek and vibrant as Miami while boasting the unspoiled natural beauty of the only protected tropical rainforest within the limits of a modern metropolis. […]

Boasting nearly 1800 miles of coastline, it’s not hard to find a great beach in Panama. There’s literally a beach for everyone whether you like surfing, snorkeling, horseback rides along the beach, all-inclusive beach resorts or just lounging in the sunshine. Panama has a fantastic array of beaches to choose from – each one offering […]

There is so much more to see and do in Panama other than just the Panama Canal.  Yet no trip to Panama would be complete without experiencing the greatest engineering feat the world has ever known.  The best way to see the Panama Canal is to experience it by boarding a boat and doing a Full […]

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