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  • Duration: 11 days
  • Price: from $3,295 per Person

Experience the highlights of Panama on this exclusive private tour. Get up close to the impressive Panama Canal and admire this wonder of the world, then get off the beaten path on a wildlife expedition in the western highlands. Sail through the forest canopy on a zipline, spot colorful tropical birds, tour a coffee plantation, explore historic Portobelo and much more.

Day 1

Welcome to Panama!

Upon arrival at Tocumen International Airport you will be met by your friendly tour guide and transferred to your hotel. Relax and enjoy the stunning views of beautiful Panama City, dine on superb cuisine and relax in preparation for the adventures you will have tomorrow.

Night at Hotel Le Meridien – Deluxe Room

Day 2

Full Day Panama City Tour and Miraflores Locks

Take a historic walking tour of Old Panama City, the oldest Spanish settlement in the Pacific and a bustling merchant centre in the mid 17th century. Visit the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal, an impressive feat of engineering. Watch the ships as they move through the system from an observation deck high above.

See the “Causeway”, a group of three islands linked to the mainland by the breakwaters of the Panama Canal that feature fine cuisine, nightlife and shopping. Pick up beautiful handcrafted items including wood carvings, unique jewelry and mola applique fabrics created by the Kuna Yala Indians of the San Blas Islands.

Night at Hotel Le Meridien – Deluxe Room (BL)

Day 3

Flight to Boquete and Finca Lerida Coffee Plantation Tour

Fly to the town of David and take the beautiful one hour drive through the countryside to tranquil Boquete. Here you will tour a coffee plantation where you can gain in depth knowledge of how the coffee beans are planted, grown, harvested and processed. You will learn about Toleff Boche Monniche, a Norwegian engineer, and his role in producing some of Panama’s best coffee. The tour ends with a wonderful Tasting where you will be able to sample many different varieties of coffee and learn about  the variety of brewing methods. You’ll never forget the rich and flavorful taste of the fresh brewed coffee at Finca Lerida!

Night at Valle Escondido Resort and Spa – Deluxe Room (B)

Day 4

Private Nature Hike and Bird Watching Tour

Today we will get off the beaten path on a true Panama eco adventure with the Wildlife Expedition. You will experience an exclusive wildlife exploration to private remote estates and wildlife sanctuaries.  You will be picked up at your hotel by your guide in a 4 x 4 Land Cruiser and then you will visit out of the way

Venture off the beaten path and into the private remote estates and wildlife sanctuaries of Panama. You will be picked up at your hotel in a 4×4 Land Cruiser and taken on an outdoor wilderness adventure.

Your knowledgeable Panamanian Guides have chosen the very best spots for seeing the Pygmy Squirrel, the White Nosed Coati, the Agouti Paka, Howler Monkeys and the Resplendent Quetzal. Keep your eyes open and you might also spot snakes, spiders, frogs, caterpillars, armadillos, butterflies and many other species. Make sure your camera is charged so that you can capture these amazing wildlife encounters.

Night at Valle Escondido Resort and Spa – Deluxe Room (B)

Day 5

Boquete Canopy Adventure Zipline Tour

This will be a thrilling day you will never forget – the day that you soar through the treetops high above the ground in the Panamanian rainforest. The zipline takes you flying through the air, so that you can look down upon the pristine rivers and waterfalls of La Amistad National Park and the famous Baru Volcano.

Did you know that ziplines were user hundreds of years ago by indigenous people as transport in the rainforest? They were also later used by naturalists and botanists to study the behaviour of wild creatures in their natural habitat. Now they are used as a thrilling extreme adventure sport and when you are strapped into the harness you will feel like you are flying like a bird high above the forest.

Night at Valle Escondido Resort and Spa – Deluxe Room (B)

Day 6

Flight back to Panama City

You will have a morning transfer from Boquete to David for the short flight back to Panama City.  Be sure to get a window seat and admire the breathtaking views of Panama City and the Panama Canal as you land. After the short private transfer to your hotel you will have the remainder of the day at leisure to explore Panama City on your own.

Night at Country Inn and Suites Amador – Standard Canal View Room (B)

Day 7

Historical Portobelo, Gatun Locks, and Panama Railway along the Panama Canal

You will be picked up at the hotel for a private transfer to Corozal station, where you will board the comfortable and relaxing train for a historic ride alongside the Panama Canal. This stunning railroad weaves through gorgeous protected rainforests and alongside Gatun Lake, once the largest man-made lake in the world. Explore the sleepy bayside town of Portobelo on a historic walking tour and see the colonial fortifications that still point their canons towards the bay. Then, take a tour of Gatun Locks which is the most impressive of the three sets of Locks. From the viewing platform, watch the large boats navigating through the impressive lock system.

Night at Country Inn and Suites Amador – Standard Canal View Room (BL)

Day 8

Chagres River & the Embera Indigenous People

This trip is truly paradise found in its purest form! The enchanting journey takes us deep into the dense jungles of Chagres where the Emberá Indians have lived for centuries. Our adventure begins with a one-hour ride up river in dugout canoes, the Emberá traditional, hand carved boats.

Upon arrival at the village you will be taken back in time as you are immersed in the ancient Embera cultural dances and music that have not changed much since Columbus arrived in the 1500´s. The Indians will give you a glimpse into their mystical rituals and amazing knowledge of medicinal plants and other natural remedies. The Embera women are known as one of the world’s finest basket makers, and you will be able to watch them create these beautiful objects made out of palm leaves and dyed with natural dyes.

Night at Gamboa Rainforest Resort – Deluxe River View Room with Balcony and Hammock (BL)

Day 9

Panama Canal Partial Transit Tour

Experience a partial transit through the amazing Panama Canal. Your ship will sail through the Gaillard Cut, the narrowest section of the Canal. You will also get a chance to see the impressive expansion work that is being completed on the Panama Canal. At Pedro Miguel Locks the ship will be lowered 9.4 meters into Miraflores Lake. You will then travel through the Miraflores Locks – the tallest in the locks system. The vessel will be lowered into the Pacific Ocean and you will then sail under the bridge of the Americas. Disembark at the Amador Marina and return to your hotel.

Night at Gamboa Rainforest Resort – Deluxe River View Room with Balcony and Hammock (BL)

Day 10

Gamboa Combo Pack: Gatun Lake Boat Expedition, Aerial Tram with Ecological Exhibitions and Lunch at the Resort

A thrilling tram ride takes you up into the lush rainforest canopy of Gamboa, where the sunlight shines through the green leaves and flowers. Climb the observation tower at the top and admire the views of Soberania National Park while watching giant cargo ships maneuvering through the Galliard Cut – the narrowest section of the Panama Canal.

Then, take a 20 minute high speed ride through the heart of the Panama Canal. This boat ride will take you through the jungle-covered islands of Gatun Lake, where you might spot howler monkeys, 3-toed sloths, capuchin monkeys, toucans, caimans, turtles, crocodiles and many other creatures. Your highly knowledgeable naturalist guide will educate you about these animals and their natural habitat.

Night at Gamboa Rainforest Resort – Deluxe River View Room with Balcony and Hammock (BL)

Day 11

Depart Panama

Today you will be picked up in the lobby of the hotel about 2.5 hours prior to your scheduled departure flight to be transferred to Tocumen International Airport.



This is a private tour so it can be customized to be longer with add-ons to San Blas, Bocas del Toro, or the Pacific Beaches!

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