San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands are the stuff of dreams. Three hundred and sixty five islands – one for every day of the year and each one more beautiful than the next. The water is impossibly blue, the sand is as white as sugar, the Caribbean sun shines down and the gentle sea breezes sway in the leaves of the palm trees. Warning – it’s so gorgeous here you might get bruises from constantly pinching yourself to make sure it is real.

Visit a Kuna Village

The San Blas Islands are inhabited by the Kuna People, who have their own distinct traditional culture. While exploring the islands you can visit one of the local villages and learn about the Kuna way of life. Their homes are made of bamboo and thatched roofs and everyone sleeps in a hammock. Visit a village and take home some beautiful handmade embroideries made by the local Kuna women.


With their clear warm water and abundance of colourful fish, the San Blas Islands are a prime snorkeling destination.The best snorkelling area in the San Blas is Dog Island, which is a vibrant coral garden that has blossomed within the ruins of a sunken ship.

Sea Kayaking

The San Blas Islands are a dream destination for kayaking due to the calm seas, the crystal clear water and the endless islands to explore.

Take a Rainforest Tour

The San Blas Islands are a prime spot for eco-tourism and you can enjoy a hike through the lush and green rainforests. Keep an eye out and you might spot howler monkeys, parrots and toucans high in the forest canopy.

Day Trips vs. Longer Stays

If you don’t have the time to enjoy a longer stay in the San Blas Islands, don’t let that stop you from seeing these gorgeous islands. The islands can be visited on a day trip from Panama City. A day trip will give you the time to visit at least a couple of islands and most tour packages will include snorkeling and a visit to a Kuna community.

Akwadup Lodge

Akwadup Lodge offers seven beautiful cabins with spacious cathedral ceilings, poised over the ocean at the edge of the water. The lodge also features a superb restaurant that serves fresh lobster (in season) as well as crab, fish and other delectable treats from the sea.

Yandup Lodge

This chilled out lodge offers six cabins over the sea and four fully appointed oceanfront cottages. You will be pampered in comfort with 24 hour electricity and balconies with a stunning view. Relax in a hammock and listen to the sounds of the waves, or go for a snorkeling trip and admire the brightly coloured tropical fish.

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