Boasting nearly 1800 miles of coastline, it’s not hard to find a great beach in Panama. There’s literally a beach for everyone whether you like surfing, snorkeling, horseback rides along the beach, all-inclusive beach resorts or just lounging in the sunshine. Panama has a fantastic array of beaches to choose from – each one offering a different experience. Here are a few of the best seafront spots in Panama to choose from. Which one will you have us include in your Customized Panama Vacation Adventure?

Looking back to the little island of Chichime in the San Blas.

San Blas Islands

Where you go to get away from it all as time stands still

When you picture the quintessential tropical castaway island, it looks something like the San Blas – a tiny bit of sand crowned with swaying palm trees and a few simple thatched huts. Take a sailing trip through this beautiful remote islands – your days will be filled with snorkeling, sunbathing, playing volleyball on the sand and meeting with the indigenous Kuna people who still maintain many of their traditional ways. The San Blas Islands are an easy 35 minute flight due north of Panama City.

Bocas Del Toro

Panama’s waters sports mecca

The islands of Bocas del Toro are lined with truly gorgeous tropical beaches that feature soft sand and coral reefs teeming with underwater life. They offer fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities so that you can see the colorful fish up close. If you get tired of swimming and snorkeling go island hopping amongst to spectacular cays. Once back on the mainland marvel at a beautiful sunset over a cold tropical drink or two! Bocas del Toro is in the northwest corner of Panama close to Costa Rica and a short 55 minute flight from Panama City.

Sheraton Bijao ExteriorPacific Beaches

All-Inclusive Beach Resorts with miles of wide beaches

About an hour and a half west of Panama City sits the unpretentious yet increasingly popular beach areas of Playa Farallon and Playa Santa Clara. Previously nothing more than a small fishing village, a few vacation homes and budget-type hotels, Playa Farallon now boasts the Sheraton Bijao All-Inclusive Beach Resorts. At the same time, one of the very best public beach facilities sits on Santa Clara Beach where you can rent a traditional style bohio to escape the relentless tropical sun. There’s a great restaurant serving local style Panamanian dishes and ice cold beer.

Boca Chica

A true tropical paradise!

Boasting secluded beaches; turquoise blue waters; picturesque islands with pristine white sand beaches; and world class snorkeling, diving, and fishing in the Bastimentos National Marine Park, it’s hard to find a more spectacular tropical paradise than Boca Chica. And the Bocas del Mar Boutique Beach Resort offers modern luxury in contemporary-style bungalows at the foot of the glistening blue Pacific Ocean!

Playa Barqueta

Catch a wave or spot a sea turtle in the wild

This is a scenic dark sand beach near David that is popular with surfers. It is also a great place to watch sea turtles hatching between the months of September and November, so it is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

Punta Chame

Get an adrenaline rush

This beach is at the end of a long and thin peninsula and it is a popular spot for windsurfers to catch the ocean breezes. The area gets regular gusts of strong wind so it is a prime location for windsurfers of all ages and skill levels. The best time to visit is from mid-November to the end of April and the place to stay is Nitro City where you have access to just about any adventure sports activity under the sun

Isla Coiba National Park

Perfect for a diving and hiking adventure

Isla Coiba National Park is one of the most famous diving and and snorkeling sites in Panama. It’s an adventure just to get there during the two hour boat ride across the open Pacific. The reward is sea turtles and marine life galore! Isla Coiba protects three kinds of ecosystems – the marine life, the reef and the island. Explore these fine beaches that are surrounded by dense and wild jungles – you can enjoy many activities here including hiking, bird watching, snorkeling, diving and a visit to the infamous penitentiary, dubbed the Alcatraz of Panama.

Contadora Beaches RESIZEDPearl Islands

Beautiful beaches and luxury resorts

Only 20 minutes away from Panama City by plane, Isla Contadora is home to some of the loveliest beaches in the country. This small island is ringed with scenic stretches of sand surrounded by lush green foliage.

Several hours south by boat or a short plane ride is San Jose Island which is home to the Hacienda del Mar Beach Resort. Actually that is the only thing on the island in addition to an abundance of wildlife and great beaches.

Isla Iguana

Escape to this unspoiled nature reserve

Isla Iguana is one of the hottest destinations in the Azuero Peninsula – with gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It is a wildlife refuge and is home to many species including giant lizards, rare birds, purple and red crabs and the black iguana that gives the island its name. It is known as a snorkeling and diving paradise and it has some of the best preserved coral reefs in the Gulf of Panama. The island can be reached on a 20 minute boat ride from Playa El Arenal in Pedasi.

These are just a few examples of the best beaches in Panama, so that you can see the incredible range of choices that this Central American destination has to offer. For more info about Panama or to talk to us about planning your travel adventure, contact us by email at: or by phone at 1.813.672.9384 us at any time.